Suggested Packing List

Every dormitory room is furnished with a twin XL bed, a desk, chair, dresser, trash can, closet access and window with a shade/blind. If you have questions on the Academy’s suggested packing list, please contact Mr. Tim Atwood, Dean of Students.

Suggested Items:

Twin XL bed sheets (x2)
Mattress Pad
Pillows with pillow cases


Bed risers
Lockable trunk for large valuables and/or lockbox for small valuables
Plastic Storage bins
Light (cotton) sweater
Heavy (wool) sweater
Rain coat or water repellent windbreaker
Heavy jacket or ski parka
Winter hat and gloves
Warm, comfortable boots
Academic Dress Code Items
Collared Shirts
-Polo/Golf Shirt
-Long sleeve/short sleeved button down shirts
-Jeans, khaki pants/shorts, golf pants/shorts


Formal attire:
Sports coat
Dress shirt
Dress shoes
Neck tie(s)


Shower caddy
Personal toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste etc)
Shower sandals/flip flops


Other Helpful Items
Alarm clock
Reading lamp
Extension cord(s)
Surge protector
Fan (window fan or oscillating)
Adhesive material for posters, etc (that can be easily removable from walls)
Basic first aid supplies (band-aids, ibuprofen, cold medicine etc)
Refrigerator (1.7 cubic ft single door compact mini fridge)
Televisions (32” max)
Recreational sports equipment
Skiing equipment (downhill and/or cross country skis, boots, poles, snowboards)
ice skates
golf clubs
fishing gear
tennis racquet
baseball/softball glove


Items Not Permitted:
Cooking appliances (hot plates, skillets, toaster ovens, coffee pots, microwaves, keurig machines)
Space heaters and immersion heaters
Furniture (students have school-issued the furniture needed for their living space)
Air conditioners
Refrigerators larger than 1.7 cubic feet