Our Advisory Program was developed to serve the unique needs of a student taking an additional year to prepare for college and all the collegiate experience means. Our Advisors are responsible members of the community who serve as your son’s caregiver and advocate in all aspects of Academy life, and serve as the essential link between the family and the school. Each student is assigned an advisor, and we work hard to find the right member of the Bridgton Academy Community for each student. We believe that while students should be responsible for their own education, the Advisor is there to promote independence and self advocacy within our students while teaching them to utilize the resources provided to them. The Advisor will monitor your son’s progress throughout the year, and act as your primary liaison to the Academy should you have any questions, concerns or information about him that you want someone on campus to know. The advisor may counsel your son on issues such as homesickness or roommate disputes, or they may bring him chicken soup when he’s sick or surprise him with a cake on his birthday.