Academics at Bridgton Academy

At Bridgton Academy, we believe in the power of our curriculum. The goal of the academic program and experience at Bridgton Academy aligns with the overall mission of the school: to prepare our young men for the rigors of college and beyond. To that end, we have a skills-based curriculum in Humanities and STEM courses that helps ensure each student is ready for his next step, whatever that is.

Our Humanities and STEM leaders identified the skills we believe students need to possess upon graduation to be successful for their next steps. These unified skills list focuses on intake, process, and output. More specifically:

  • INTAKE: The different ways students absorb information and skills.
  • PROCESS: The students do something with that knowledge.
  • OUTPUT: The way students express that knowledge or skills.

We strive to make learning relevant to the lives of our students. We are not interested in students simply being able to reiterate facts on a test. We look for enduring understanding from our students; we want what they learn here to stay with them long after their time at Bridgton Academy. Additionally, learning opportunities do not just happen in our academic buildings between the hours of 8 and 3. Learning happens across a variety of settings at Bridgton Academy:  in the classrooms, on the field or ice, and in the residence halls. Our faculty and staff are tireless in their efforts to support students.