Academic Support Center

The Academic Support Center empowers students to become confident, capable and independent learners equipped for post-secondary success. Through a variety of resources, we support students with learning strategies and academic instruction in an encouraging learning environment.

Focused Academic Coaching

Focused Academic Coaching is a full-year program designed to support students with learning disabilities and/or attention disorders or undiagnosed students who struggle with executive functioning skills. The Coaching program combines individual meetings, at least twice a week, with Supplemental Instructional Time (SIT), during which a student works in a supportive, structured environment on task lists generated during coaching sessions, current writing assignments in The Writing Center, or specific coursework with a classroom teacher. The program is not a tutoring service, but a support designed to promote self-confidence, independent learning, and strengthened academic skills.

Students interested in Focused Academic Coaching should contact The Academic Support Center. Tuition for FAC is $5,500 for the year in addition to other tuition and fees of the Academy. Students who accept an offer of enrollment in FAC understand that their participation and appointments are treated like any other academic obligation. However, this program does not count toward the four required academic courses and does not appear on transcripts.

The Academic Support Center is also responsible for overseeing accommodations, both in the classroom and with the College Board and ACT. Following the college model, eligible students will be provided with an accommodation letter which they may share with their teachers.

If students are interested in Focused Academic Coaching and/or access to accommodations, please forward copies of any psychoeducational reports, educational plans (IEP or 504), or College Board / ACT accommodation letters to BA.

The Goepel Writing Center

The Goepel Writing Center offers individual consultation for any student who wants additional instruction or help with his writing. Every course in the curriculum requires written assignments from students, and The Goepel Writing Center provides support for these assignments in all subject areas.

The Math Lab

Open during study hall hours, the Math Lab offers individual help for students who have questions about assignments or concepts in mathematics. The Math Lab is staffed by Peer Tutors who are identified through their proven proficiencies in math and science courses.