College Articulation Program (CAP)

Currently, we offer twelve CAP courses:

Composition, Literature, Statistics, Calculus, Accelerated Calculus, Digital Media, America at War, Genetics, Graphic Design, Microbiology, U.S. Society in Vietnam Era, and Nutrition.

College credits earned through the College Articulation Program may be transferable to the institution in which a student enrolls after graduation, at that institution’s discretion. Approximately eighty percent of our students earn transferable college credit through our CAP program, and over one hundred colleges and universities have accepted CAP courses for credit.

Bridgton Academy enjoys a partnership with Plymouth State University (Plymouth, NH) and Saint Joseph’s College of Maine (Standish, ME), and the University of Southern Maine (Gorham, ME) which enables eligible students to include college courses in their academic programs at Bridgton.