Meet the Head

If you’ve reached this page of our website, it speaks to your genuine interest and your investment of time and energy researching our school and making important decisions about next steps. For this I am grateful and excited to talk a little bit about Bridgton Academy.

As a career educator who has close to 30 years’ experience in the classroom, coaching ranks, and dormitories, I have spent my fair share of time working with young men at this important stage of their lives. While many independent boarding schools find a place for their post-graduate students and do solid work integrating them into the established culture, Bridgton Academy is the only school I know of that has made these young men the sole focus of its mission.

This intense focus means this: every course and every program is designed with 18-20 year old young men in mind, and every staff member, coach, and advisor chooses to live and work here in order to make a difference in our students’ lives.

Your search for a postgraduate year indicates something very important. Whether you are a student, teacher, coach, or family member, you understand the power in a year of academic challenge, thoughtful mentoring, independent living, and athletic opportunity. Our beautiful campus in the hills of western Maine has easy access to the city of Portland and as well as the White Mountains and all the outdoor experiences the state can offer.

As important as these factors are, however, generations of BA alumni speak most enthusiastically about our people, the teachers and advisors who dedicate themselves every day and every year to changing the lives of our students. These are the people that I hope you will get to meet soon and who can speak best about all this year has to offer.


Thank you,

Martin J. Mooney

Head of School