College Counseling

College counseling is a major component of the postgraduate year at Bridgton Academy. Historically, the school’s college matriculation list is a long one, with a wide array of institutions represented. Ranging from Ivy League institutions to technical programs, students’ college choices are indeed the result of a deepening appreciation of each one’s unique academic and co-curricular talents. As a result of the intensive nature of the college process in a one-year institution, the bond between students and their college counselors is an important one.

The College Counseling Process

Each student, having already filled out several comprehensive interest inventories during the summer, is assigned a college counselor upon arrival. Individual meetings start soon after and continue through the entire thirty-week program. Additional resources provided by the College Counseling Department include an extensive library of college catalogs, viewbooks, and DVD/video materials as well as several on-line resources subscribed to by the College Office. We also welcome approximately sixty college admission representatives over the course of each fall. In terms of testing, Bridgton Academy offers three administrations of the SAT and two of the ACT standardized tests in the fall and early winter each year. (We will also help students arrange for testing at nearby schools on those dates we do not offer certain tests.) Additionally, we will provide extended-time testing for those students who require and qualify for it under the guidelines set forth by the ACT and the College Board.

In an increasingly tight college market where the differentiation between schools is increasingly blurry, the college process is more complicated than ever. At Bridgton Academy, our experience, drawn from over thirty years of counseling and placing postgraduates, demonstrates clearly that there are indeed programs for everyone, and our goal each year is to find the best fit for each of our students, academically, socially, athletically, geographically, and financially. Finding this fit is not always an easy process, often entailing hard work and even some rejection, but our historical average of placing ninety-seven percent of our graduates in four-year colleges and universities continues to validate our efforts and college placement philosophy.

NCAA Compliance

As prospective student-athletes at Division I, I-AA, or II schools, Bridgton Academy students have certain responsibilities to attend to before their arrival at Bridgton. Most of this information may be found in the Academy’s Guide for Potential Student-Athletes, which should have been mailed to you earlier this summer.

If you did not receive this guide (available from the Admission Office), or have not registered for the NCAA Clearinghouse and plan to participate in Division I or II college athletics, be sure to fill out an Initial Eligibility form as soon as possible so that we may work out any eligibility issues in a timely manner. Having a scholarship revoked because of an unapproved high school course or test score discrepancies is a major disappointment that can be avoided by early attention to the Clearinghouse process.

If you have additional questions, please contact Mr. Aaron Izaryk, our Director of College Counseling and NCAA Liaison, at 207-647-3322.

Quick Facts

The NCAA Clearinghouse is no longer accepting paper registrations. Please go to NCAA Site to register.

All prospective student-athletes intending to enroll in an NCAA Division I or II institution for the first time must complete the NCAA Amateurism Certification questionnaire.

Effective immediately all SAT and/or ACT score reports must be received by the clearinghouse directly from the testing agency. Scores reported on a High School transcript will not be considered.

Information concerning who needs to register with the Clearinghouse and what documents should be submitted can be found in The Guide for College-Bound Student-Athletes

Transcript Request

Transcripts are the complete and official record of a student’s academic activity at Bridgton Academy. Official transcripts are issued by the Registrar’s Office. ”˜Official’ means that the transcript bears a raised Bridgton seal and the signature of the Registrar, Academic Dean, or Director of College Counseling. In addition, official transcripts are sent from the Registrar’s Office directly to the requested address to avoid any potential improprieties.

Transcripts may NOT be requested by phone. In order to protect students’ privacy rights, we must receive a signed request prior to releasing transcripts.

If you are looking to request credits from a CAP course taken while attending Bridgton Academy please refer to the instructions posted in the downloads section of the College Counseling homepage. We do not have transcripts for these classes.

Bridgton Academy transcripts may be ordered by completing this Transcript Request Form.

Contact information:

Mrs. Debra Dutton, Registrar
Bridgton Academy
P.O. Box 292
North Bridgton, ME 04057
Telephone: 207-647-3322 x1236
Fax: 207-512-5928
e-mail: [email protected]