Tommy Marhoffer – Triple Threat Award Winter 2018

Thomas Marhoffer (Scituate, MA) has been named one of Bridgton Academy’s Triple Threat Award recipients for Early Winter 2018.

Each quarter Bridgton Academy selects two to three athletes who have gone above and beyond – not only on the selected playing field, but also in the classroom and throughout the Bridgton Academy community. This award is appropriately named the “Triple Threat Award,” and is one of Bridgton Academy’s highest honors throughout the year. Tommy Marhoffer is one of our recipients for Early Winter 2018.

Tommy Marhoffer came to Bridgton Academy this year on a mission. The Scituate, MA native graduated from Scituate High School in 2017, and Tommy and his parents readily admit that he was “average in high school – academically, athletically and socially.” They were determined to send him to North Bridgton, ME to be extraordinary. Determined to embrace the academic structure and focus to improve his GPA, test scores and college options, he made the decision to mature and assume a larger leadership role – both as a member of the Bridgton Academy student body and as a member of the hockey team. Tommy also made the conscious effort to be the hardest working member of the Bridgton Academy Hockey Team – day in and out of their grueling 6-month season.

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