Student Accounts

Student Accounts & Cash Needs

School-Related Expense Account: (SRE)

The $1,500 deposit for this account is billed as part of your original invoice with tuition and fees. The SRE account is used for the cost of the following, but not limited to: SAT Prep Class, CAP Registrations, On-Campus Nurse & Medical Services, Dormitory Room Damages, Transportation Fees, Vehicle Registration, Vehicle Parking Fines, etc. The school will automatically charge each student a $400 Activity Fee as well as $125 for the student to receive a Yearbook.

SRE Funds cannot be used for cash needs, individual travel, school store purchases, or other personal expenses. The SRE also serves as a property damage deposit against which charges for damage to school property will be assessed.

Any unused portion of the SRE Account will be refunded after the school year is completed and the accounts are reconciled, generally in mid-June. There is a required minimum balance of $200 in this account. The initial $1,500 deposit may need to be supplemented during the year, depending on the amount of school-related spending. Payments can be made to the SRE Expense Accounts by contacting the Business Office.

Student Cash Needs

For your security purposes, cash should not be kept in your room. Prior to arriving at Bridgton Academy, students should set up a checking account with a debit card at a bank of choice or obtain a credit card to cover unforeseen expenses not covered by the SRE account. Having a debit or credit card available for college applications & SAT and/or ACT test fees will expedite the application process.

An ATM is located on campus, which acts as the only source for students to obtain cash on the Bridgton Academy campus. The school store & snack bar accept debit cards or credit cards with the Mastercard, Visa, American Express, or Discover logo on the card. Banking is available in the town of Bridgton at Norway Savings Bank, TD Bank, and Key Bank. Bridgton Academy does not cash any type of checks, make loans, or issue cash to students.

Questions concerning SRE Accounts should be directed to the Business Office:

Business Office Hours: Monday thru Friday, 9am – 3pm

Ares Michaelides- Interim CFO

Faye Roderick- Assistant Business Manager