Student Profile: Brenden Williams

November 18, 2016

Brenden Williams

Hometown: Milan, New Hampshire

High School: Berlin High



Goals at Bridgton Academy: 
My goals at Bridgton academy are to improve in the classroom and on the ice for the collegiate level.

Why did you choose Bridgton Academy?
Everyone seemed so nice and seemed to care about you and how well you do. The thing that most stood out to me was how much guidance I receive at BA, much more so than I did in high school.

How is Bridgton Academy different than your high school?
The teachers are here for me day and night. A lot of them live on campus so its a 24 hour job for them. I can get extra help anytime I want it pretty much.

How is our coaching different from what you received in high school?
The coaches here only want you to succeed, they will do anything in their power to help me get where you want to be. They will be honest and never give up helping me reach my goal.

What thoughts would you want to share with guys considering Bridgton Academy?
If you feel like you are going to struggle in college or are not ready, consider Bridgton. This place is 100% helpful and the athletics will also prepare you for the next step.

Interesting fact(s):
I’m from a very small town and a huge country music fan. I’m also very obsessed with my hair, so if you ever see me you will probably catch me checking myself out or fixing it.