Moving Forward in the Face of a Global Pandemic

In the course of its 212-year history, Bridgton Academy has stood the test of time, and the current pandemic surrounding Covid-19 is no exception.

While our community is strictly enforcing the suggested social distancing and group gathering guidelines being issued across the globe, we are also taking steps to ensure that our Class of 2020 can complete its fourth and final quarter of study with as few interruptions as possible. While specific details will be shared with students and their families in the coming days, here’s a rundown of some of the adjustments we are making ”¦ so that we can keep making the difference:


  • Classes will resume Thursday, March 26; students will receive formal communication from our Head of School and Dean of Academics prior to this date.
  • Teachers will maintain direct communication with students.
  • Content and various course materials will be posted for students several days ahead of time, allowing our young men to leverage the skills they have learned to date, such as creating a routine.
  • Focused Academic Coaching will still happen in a one-on-one setting using FaceTime, Google Hangouts, or by phone.
  • Weekly Chapel and Advisory Meetings will take place remotely; details will be communicated to students.

“While I do not think any of us could have anticipated this interruption to our campus-based connection, our faculty has stepped up in numerous ways,” shares Binaca Hanson, Dean of Academics. “We are working to anticipate needs before students have them as well as the best ways to make sure that what we do is least impacted by how we do it. As much as ever, our connection to our students matters.”

College Counseling

  • The College Counseling staff will remain fully accessible to our students during this time.
  • College Counselors will utilize phone meetings, Google Hangouts, and Instagram proactively and adjust their hours to meet students’ needs.
  • College Counselors will reach out to each of our students, regardless of where they are in the college process, ensuring that each receives the attention he needs to be prepared to matriculate in the fall.

“With things changing and the world so unsure, we are prepared to be flexible and agile in order to provide the very best counseling process to our students,” explains Jamie Izaryk, Director of College Counseling. “For instance, for students who may have had college visits or Accepted Students Days planned, we will assist them in finding virtual tours and/or methods to contact the Admissions staff at each of the schools they are targeting. There is so much we can do remotely in the process, and the College Counseling staff is ready to assist however possible.”


  • Coaches and athletic trainers are in touch with students about at-home training and exercise programs.
  • At this point, spring athletic schedules have been postponed through April 14th. We will then re-evaluate and make the appropriate decisions.


  • Contact with prospective students and their families continues, with phone calls and FaceTime being the predominant methods of communication.
  • We are currently finalizing plans for virtual campus tours as well as open houses and panel sessions.