June 26, 2018


Bridgton Academy has hired Jameel Moore as the newest member of Bridgton Academy’s College Counseling Office.

Moore, a Cumberland, Maine native, will help guide Bridgton Academy’s students through the college selection process. Spending the previous five years at his alma mater, Endicott College, as Assistant, and then Associate, Director of Admissions, Jameel has an intimate knowledge of the college admissions process. His wealth of experience will directly translate to Bridgton Academy’s student body as he helps future Bridgton Academy graduates navigate the path to the right college or university.

“We are very happy to welcome Jameel to Bridgton Academy,” said BA Director of College Counseling, Jamie Izaryk. “Jameel brings years of real-world admissions experience to our College Counseling team, which is going to pay off for our students in so many ways.”

The Bridgton Academy College Counseling office is dedicated to helping its students achieve their goals for higher education. In an increasingly tight college market where the differentiation between schools continues to blur, the college process is more complicated than ever. Bridgton Academy uses its college counselors (and 50 years experience as a postgraduate-only institution) to help its students find their best fit: academically, socially, athletically, geographically, and financially.

Bridgton Academy’s mission is to provide a program for young men in a unique, one-year postgraduate environment to prepare for the competitive rigors of college and beyond. Bridgton Academy is located in western Maine, in the town of North Bridgton. For more information, visit www.bridgtonacademy.org.