Holt Hall Captures Dorm Wars Dodgeball Championship

March 3, 2017

Memorial Gymnasium, here on the campus of Bridgton Academy, was the sight of the annual Dorm Wars Dodgeball Tournament. Six dorms competed in a double-elimination style dodgeball tournament. Being one of two Dorm Wars competitions this year, the dorms were playing even harder for bragging rights. Every year certain dorms are believed to be the favorite, mostly due to their number of baseball players in the dorm. But, sadly Jillson Hall, who had the highest concentration of baseball players, could not pull out a victory and were sent packing early. Also sent getting eliminated early were Mass Hall and the surprising Cleaves Hall. Sylvester Hall made a quiet run into the quarter finals, but the firepower of Walker Hall proved to be too much for Sly to handle.

This left only two dorms to compete for the championship: the undisputed favorite, Holt Hall, verses the small but powerful, Walker Hall. In this best-of-five championship series, it was almost certain to go the full five games, due to the impressive talent on both side. But, the motto from Holt Hall dorm parent and Hall of Fame dodgeball coach, Trevor Coston, was “attack.”  The boys of “Club” Holt did just that. Winning the game one of the series with seven players still on the court. Game two was just about the same as the first game, giving Holt Hall a commanding two games to none lead. The beginning of the third game was much more even. Walker wanted to do to Holt what the Patriots did to the Falcons in the Super Bowl, come back. After one of the longest games in the tournament, one by one Holt took down the boys of Walker, but not without a fight. Four residents stood on Holt’s side, as only one lone Walker resident stood on the other side. With a ball in his hand, tournament MVP, quarterback Seamus Leary unleashed his cannon of an arm to eliminate the final Walker resident, ending the championship in a sweep. A big congratulations to Holt Hall on their Dorm Wars championship victory. Also, big thank you to Nick Swim ’12 who organized the entire tournament.

After the snow melts Dorm Wars will return with a Bridgton favorite, Dorm Wars Softball.