Chair Rides With Gater

January 22, 2021

Winter fun at Bridgton Academy means skiing and riding at nearby Shawnee Peak, along with some of our other surrounding area mountains. Even in pandemic times, you never know whom you might bump into at the mountain. Retired teacher, ski coach, Bridgton Hall of Famer, and alumni magnet, Mr. Peter Gately is a frequent skier in his retirement and prone to meeting any number of folks with Bridgton Academy connections during his hours on the hill. As a special winter feature in our e-news this year, we are happy to share “Chair Rides with Gater,” small world stories from the slopes.

Riding the lifts just a few short weeks ago, one Mr. Pete Gately, aka “the Gater”, struck up a friendly conversation with his lift mate who mentioned that he knew where Peter lived as he “went to school in North Bridgton.” As goggles were lifted, Mr. Gately discovered that he was sharing a chair with Eric Eddy ’05. Eric was a member of Gately’s 2005 ski team, so the two had much catching up to do. The chance encounter turned into a day of skiing together, reminiscing, and generally having a great time.

Stay tuned for our next installment of “Chair Rides with Gater” where Bridgton moms, daughters, and other characters abound!