Catching Up with Garrison Gross ‘09

Following their year at Bridgton, the majority of our graduates typically head on to begin their college journey. From there, the career choices and journeys of our alumni are as diverse as you could imagine.

Like many of his Bridgton brothers, Garrison Gross ’09, was an athlete at the Academy, playing basketball under Coach Lesure.  SUNY Purchase was Garrison’s choice for college, where he studied Theatre & Performance, particularly exploring performing, visual arts, and film production during that time.  A native of Buffalo, NY, Garrison’s creative dreams eventually landed him in Los Angeles, the ideal place to collaborate with others who shared similar goals and passions.

For the past several years, Garrison has been pursuing a career in acting.  He shares that his year at Bridgton did indeed prepare him for what he is doing today by encouraging him to “live his passion.”  Garrison has appeared in several television shows, films, and commercials, and was recently interviewed by VoyageLA.  In addition to acting, Garrison has combined his love for activity and sport with his social media posts that share him surfing, skating, and more.

Garrison reflected on his Bridgton year and took a few moments to provide some advice for the newest class of Wolverines.

– How did your year at Bridgton prepare you for what you are doing today?

Live your passion. I believe in love and circulating that energetic well-being everywhere. There are definitely synchronicities in life that are meant-to-be and that is what Bridgton was to me. I was welcomed with open arms and generously invited into this wonderful close-knit community. Everyone shared what they knew with the intention to help and make a positive impact. I can remember my teacher [and coach] Whit Lesure always encouraging me to expand my mind, develop insightful thoughts, and create patterns of success. In the library, I met Michelle Cross and she taught me how to optimize my life. The library was a magnetic place where everyone was treated with love and support. Today, I have realized that these were the codes of mental, physical, and spiritual growth. These codes have led me to Los Angeles and learning the language of film and television. On set, just like at Bridgton, we support each other and thrive to create an environment that is in alignment with our daily goals. Today, I continue spending my time going to places that help anchor a feeling of peace, love, and joy. These places are the epicenter of my creative world and are often highlighted in my social media content.

– Are there any words of wisdom you might share with the Class of 2021 students who will be arriving on campus in just a few weeks? 

Everyone is magnificent in their own unique expression. We are also a creative force that can turn anything into reality with focus and momentum. As we start the year off, it’s time to ask ourselves a great question: “How can I use my mind, body, and spirit so that I can be a beneficial presence to the community?” In whatever way the answer comes to you, live your passion! Think about it, talk about it, and feel into it. Bridgton is a place where you can manifest your dreams.

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