Bridgton Academy Launches “Bridging the Gap” Web Series

June 22, 2015

NORTH BRIDGTON, ME – Bridgton Academy has launched a web series chronicling the experience of one BA student as he navigates his way through a year at the Academy. The series will follow Class of 2016 member Cameron Wilkins of Norfolk, Massachusetts as he prepares to enter Bridgton Academy, experiences his year at the Academy, and then enters college the following year.

The series, called “Bridging the Gap”, will be shot throughout the year and feature Wilkins; his mother, Janine and father, Scott; and various other people, including BA faculty and staff, that come into Cameron’s life throughout the year. Their experiences will be captured in an honest, first-person style, with them reacting to the events of the year as they happen. As Cameron goes through the year, he will take you with him. The videos will then be produced at Bridgton Academy by 1808 Media House, BA’s in-house media studio, and then released on YouTube.

Each bi-weekly episode will highlight what is happening in Cameron’s life as he goes through the next year, from the excitement and anticipation of coming to Bridgton, to the apprehensions about playing hockey for Bridgton Academy and navigating his way through his first year away from his family. It will be an honest, in-depth look at the emotions and experiences as they happen, from a variety of perspectives.

“This is one of the first series of its kind, and we are extremely excited to be bringing Cameron’s experience to the world – to really show what happens over the course of one young man’s journey throughout his postgraduate year,” said Bridgton Academy headmaster Grady Vigneau. “We can’t wait to share Cameron’s story as he experiences the Year That Makes The Difference.”

“Bridging the Gap” will span more than a year of Cameron’s life. It will begin him preparing to come to Bridgton, take him through his year at BA, and then follow him into college as well, telling the complete story of Cameron’s full journey throughout the postgraduate process – acceptance, enrollment, graduation and matriculation.

The premiere episode of “Bridging the Gap” is online on Bridgton Academy’s YouTube page as well as at