The Ambassador Program

Be part of The Difference!

Bridgton’s Ambassador Program, launched in January 2017, offers alumni, parents, and friends of the Academy the opportunity to serve as formal advocates for a mission they have experienced firsthand and believe has the power to transform lives: the program of Bridgton Academy.

Each Wolverine has his own unique story about how his year at Bridgton helped “right the ship,” and set him on a course destined for success and armed with the tools needed to navigate the inevitable choppy waters that surface on the journey to college and beyond.

Stories such as these are a testament to the important work that has been done day in and day out on behalf of decades of young men on the brink of adulthood.

Over the years, we have been humbled by the word-of-mouth promotion that supporters of Bridgton have provided in their local communities. We are, therefore, especially excited to formalize these efforts and further strengthen the extraordinary impact they have on our recruitment efforts.

As a Bridgton Ambassador, volunteers are not only helping their Academy identify mission-appropriate students, they are also playing a direct role in changing the trajectory of a potential student’s life.

Whether your life was changed after your year at Bridgton, or whether you witnessed the change a postgraduate year had on the life of a loved one, you may be the perfect candidate to serve as a Bridgton Academy Ambassador.

For more information on how to get involved in this rewarding volunteer opportunity, please contact Jessica Priola ([email protected] / 207-647-3322 ext. 1219.)