The Alumni Top Ten Challenge

Congratulations to all of our fiscal year 2018 ranking classes!

We would like to extend an extra-special congratulations to the BA Classes of 1965 and 2015, who each managed to secure the #1 spot in their category, well done, gentlemen!

For all of our alumni, ranked or not, thank you for helping to make this the most heated competition to date. Your participation not only helped fuel the competitive spirit of this  challenge but also ensures that your Academy can keep creating opportunity and transforming the lives of today’s students as they prepare for the rigors of college … and beyond.

The final standings for the fiscal year 2018 Alumni Top Ten Challenge are as follows:



(classes graduating

before 2000)

Rank Gray Category

(graduating classes from the 2000s)


1 2015


2 2018


3 2017


4 2016




1950 6


1958 7


1962 8


1985 9


1961 10



Classes knocked out in fiscal year 2018:

Black Category:
1947, 1957, 1959

Gray Category:

2003, 2008, 2011

Will you be a “Ten” in 2019?

The Alumni Top Ten Challenge

Be a part of a special giving tradition enjoyed by decades of Bridgton Academy alumni by helping your class rank on our annual Alumni Top Ten Challenge.

Read on to learn more about this fun contest that pits alumni against each other in this spirited campaign!

What is the Alumni Top Ten Challenge?

The Alumni Top Ten is a giving challenge in which alumni classes compete against each other to rank on the Alumni Top Ten list.  This list recognizes those classes which have achieved the highest number of classmates who supported the Bridgton Fund within a given fiscal year.

Does the amount I donate have an effect on my class’s ranking?

No! It is our hope that this giving challenge fits the budget of all alumni interested in participating. Whether you give one dollar or many, what counts is that you choose to make a gift. The more members of your class who give, the better the chance your class has of either retaining its current ranking, moving up in the ranks, or earning your class’s first spot on the Top Ten list.

Do ranking classes receive special recognition?

Yes! Ranking classes will have their graduation year permanently engraved on a special Alumni Top Ten Challenge Cup, which will be housed in the Academy Building.

When will I know if my class has ranked?

Class rankings are compiled at the end of each fiscal year, and are usually available by early August. Bridgton’s fiscal years run annually from July 1 – June 30.

Still have questions?

Please reach out to Sarah LeRoy at [email protected] or 207-647-3322 x1213.

One question remains for sure:

Will you be a ten?

Time will tell!

Thank you in advance for your participation and for your investment in Bridgton Academy!