Steven Brooks – Class of 2003

“I wanted to create my own path, and get myself in the direction to be successful.”

Steven Brooks, two time NCAA National Champion at Syracuse University, two time MLL Steinfeld Cup Champion with the Chesapeake Bayhawks, three time MLL All-Star, Bridgton Academy Alumni ’03.

How was Bridgton Academy “The Year That Makes The Difference” in your life?

Personally, I had a different upbringing. I lost my mom sophomore year of high school, and I had one really bad semester that really dug me a deep hole. I knew that I always had my athletics to get me to where I wanted to go, but I slowly learned senior year I couldn’t go anywhere Division I. It was then when my aunt approached me about Bridgton. From the moment I got to Bridgton I realized it literally is the year that makes the huge difference. It gave me the ability to grow up, become mature, and figure out who I am as a person without having any influence about family or friends around to distract me. It really helped me get focused on what my ultimate goal is.  I wanted to create my own path, and get myself in the direction to be successful.

Favorite memory at Bridgton.

I don’t really have one distinct memory, it was more of a combination of being able to go back after study hall and hanging out with friends and talk about it being the longest study hall ever. The biggest memory I have is the impact that Coach Nutley had on me. About how he took me under his wing through pretty much everything. My greatest memory is in the spring season turn around and waking up every morning to climb up that hill in the terrible cold and going to morning workouts and practices with the team, to see what Coach Nutley had in store for us all. Coach Nutley was also my dorm parent. I got so close to him by watching his son Kohl.

Favorite class or teacher. 

Anatomy and physiology with Coach Nutley. Coach Nutley was by far one of the best and most entertaining teachers I’ve ever seen.

Do you remain in contact with your classmates?

I keep in touch with about five guys from my class. It’s crazy because all of the guys in the lacrosse world keep in touch, but there’s guys I didn’t even go to school with who I’ve become friends with either before or after Bridgton.

Greatest Challenge.

I would have to say time management. Balancing school work, study hall, getting everything I needed to get done and it got me prepared for my freshman year. Time management was never really my strong suit, but Bridgton help me organize my entire schedule and balance myself.

Advice for Bridgton student or alumni.

My advice would be enjoy the moments as each day goes by because it’s an experience of a lifetime that you may not think of it now or in five years from now but, there will be a time where you look back and remember some of the most important memories of your lives. You will look back and see how Bridgton Academy has guided you to where you want to be.

Summarize your feelings about Bridgton Academy in one sentence:

The year that really did make the difference.