Alumni Accolade: David F. Nolan, USA, CW5, Ret. ’80 Admitted to Maine Bar Association

Bridgton alumnus, David F. Nolan, USA, CW5, Ret. ’80, proudly served in the United States Army for 27 years. His distinguished career included five tours of duty in both Afghanistan and Iraq. As a Master Army Aviator, David logged over 5,000 hours of flight time, 1,200 of which were combat hours. In the spring of 2018, David was inducted into the Bridgton Academy Hall of Fame, recognizing his selfless, yet accomplished, service to our country.

Just six months after his Hall of Fame induction, in December of the same year, David completed his law degree at Campbell University in Raleigh, NC, marking the start of a second career for him. Since that time, he and his wife have relocated to Maine, not far from the campus of Bridgton Academy. Ironically, David shares that he commented to his mother in a letter he wrote while he was a student at Bridgton that he could see himself living in North Bridgton someday, to which she responded, “Then you probably will.”

After countless hours of studying, David was admitted to the Maine Bar Association earlier this month. As he embarks on this new chapter in his life, it is his goal beginning this fall to do pro bono work, using his knowledge of the law to help “make a difference” in the state of Maine with those who most need it.

Congratulations, David, on this wonderful achievement!