Underclassman Commitment Option

Are you currently a high school Freshman, Sophomore, or Junior who knows you would like your future plans to include Bridgton Academy? If so, you don’t need to wait until your senior year to apply. Bridgton Academy’s new Underclassman Commitment Option provides a program where high school underclassmen can apply and deposit with Bridgton Academy prior to their senior year in high school.

Bridgton Academy will review a student’s file based on their current high school track record, and, if appropriate, will issue an acceptance contingent upon the student’s successful completion of high school.

How does the Underclassman Commitment Option benefit students?

Deciding what to do after high school can be a stressful and monumental decision for young men. The Underclassman Commitment Option can help to set your mind at ease knowing what your next step is after high school. Additionally, the Underclassman Commitment Option allows families to begin fulfilling their tuition obligation to Bridgton while their son is still in high school, providing families with more time and flexibility to fulfill their payment plan.

To learn more about the Underclassman Commitment Option, please contact the Office of Admission at 207.647.3322, ext. 1, or email [email protected].