Bridgton Academy Top Ten

The Top Ten Aspects of The Year That Makes The Difference.

  1. An academic program tailored to each student’s particular needs, background, and ambition.
  2. An Advisor System through which a student is linked with a member of the faculty to provide a personal adult resource to the student throughout his year.
  3. College-level courses in the College Articulation Program (CAP), through which students may earn transferable college credits.
  4. Small class size, which enables student-faculty interaction daily.
  5. Academic support resources which includes the Goepel Writing Center, available to all students for help with any writing assignment every day; a Math Lab staffed with math teachers and peer tutors eager to help students with math problems in the evening; and extra help is provided by all teachers students whenever needed.
  6. College-like courses which emphasize long-term, skills-based assignments through which students learn the value of academic planning.
  7. All courses provide students with academic syllabi to teach students how to plan to get work done – plus an iPad to help them complete their assignments.
  8. Each student receives a planner with instruction about how to incorporate academic information from the syllabi, athletic and activity schedules, and personal calendar items, in order to plan for the semester, the quarter, each week, and each day.
  9. Dormitory life with all postgraduate students, allowing students to experience the enjoyment of camaraderie and the challenges of adapting to life in a community of fellow students.
  10. The opportunity to make decisions about use of time, academic courses, or daily schedule, based upon personal judgment, while living away from home and the accustomed support of more familiar people and surroundings.