Bridging the Gap

The search for the right academic setting after high school is fraught with questions – is it the right fit? Single-sex v. coed? Is it too far away from home? Is my son really ready for college? Every family wrestles with these questions, and more.

In 2015, we told the stories of one of these families – from their perspective. Bridgton Academy presents “Bridging the Gap”, a project focusing on the journey of one young man who has committed to attending Bridgton Academy – from his decision to consider BA, all the way through his year at there.

Cameron Wilkins is a young man from Norfolk, Massachusetts. He’s a hockey player, a big brother, and a young man on the verge of entering Bridgton Academy. He is willing to tell you his story – the good and the bad – throughout his time at Bridgton Academy, to let people know what it’s like to come here, study here, play here and live here – and his family is going to join us for the ride.

Please check back here every for new episodes of “Bridging the Gap” as we continue to tell Cameron’s story. This is one of the first projects of its kind, and we invite you to experience a year at Bridgton Academy through Cameron’s eyes.

Now that Cam has completed his year at Bridgton Academy, he is on his way to Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio, we’re keeping his story here as a guide to future Bridgton Academy Wolverines considering to take part in The Year That Makes The Difference.

Bridging the Gap Episode 1:

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