Thank you for visiting our International Students Program page – we believe Bridgton Academy may just be the place for you.

At 209 years old, Bridgton Academy is an all-male school that offers a tremendous opportunity for repeat Juniors, Seniors and Postgraduate (PG) students. We’re the only school of our kind in the United States that is not affiliated with a U.S. Service Academy.

Bridgton Academy’s International Student Program does a wonderful job immersing international students into a U.S. academic setting, efficiently and effectively preparing these students for matriculation to a U.S. college or university.

Our challenging liberal arts curriculum is ‘ability appropriate,’ meaning that each student has a schedule that appropriately pushes them in areas of academic strength, while further bolstering their academic foundation in areas in need of additional support. For our strongest students we offer our College Articulation Program (CAP). These college courses (for transferable college credit) are offered on our campus, and are taught by our own instructors.

Integrated into the curriculum for all students is a focus on executive functioning skills – time management, study, and organizational skills. Along with those life skills is a strong sense of community among our students, faculty, and staff, and with that feeling comes the welcomed opportunity for our students to ask questions and think critically. With this important dialogue comes a further sense of academic and social self-confidence is built.

All Bridgton Academy students have an “Advisor” – a faculty or staff member who closely monitors and oversees their progress throughout the year. Some of our students may wish to have more extensive academic support. To those students we offer our Focused Academic Coaching, or FAC, program. Modeled after college support programs, Bridgton Academy’s program is designed for all students who wish to enhance their executive functioning skills, while having an ‘academic coach’ to oversee their progress.

Bridgton Academy has the unique capacity to offer enrollment for either one or two years (BA can offer a U.S. high school diploma). We are dedicated to creating opportunity for our students, and preparing them for the rigors of college and beyond, whether in the United States or abroad.

To find out more about our International Students Program, please contact us at 207.647.3322 x1.

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