Wolverines Lead the Way

On November 3, a small group of Wolverines had the opportunity to participate at the Maine Youth Leadership Day. Hosted by the Hyde School, the event brings together hundreds of youth from across the state who are eager to lead the charge in bringing about change within their communities. Faculty members Austin Farwell and Matt Burgess ’88 selected Quin Longenecker (Haverhill, MA), Eli Santos (Wakefield, RI), Thomas Sloan (Riverside, IL), Noah Grant (Brownfield, ME), and Alex Sullivan (Reading, MA) to attend the summit and share their exemplary leadership skills with middle and high school-age attendees. Our students worked together to deliver a presentation titled, “Leadership through the eyes of adolescent athletes,” in which they shared their own experiences and led activities that demonstrated the attributes necessary to becoming an effective leader. Quin described his experience at the summit, “It was cool to be in a position like that, being able to talk to younger kids and hopefully inspire them in some way. I’ve never really done anything like this and it felt great. It was awesome to bond with my fellow Wolverine leaders and staff and it was great to feel like I was doing something important.” Quin and his compatriots showed not only their sincere interest in developing their leadership traits and giving back to the broader Maine community, but also the tremendous growth and maturity they’ve gained since arriving on campus in August.

Well done, gentlemen!