School Transportation Schedule

Bridgton Academy provides limited vacation transportation (either through a Portland-based driving service or through Bridgton Academy-sponsored vans and buses) on most school vacations. Students must sign up, in advance (in the Student Life Office), to guarantee a reservation. There are associated fees with this transportation. Uber is an unreliable mode of transportation in this area.

All other travel arrangements (including delayed or canceled flights) during the school year are the responsibility of the student and/or his family.

Bridgton Academy provides GROUP transportation TO Portland, Maine (stops below) prior to major breaks (Thanksgiving, Winter Holiday, and March break).

Depart Bridgton Academy 3:15pm
Arrive Amtrak/Concord Station, Portland Maine 4:30pm
Arrive Portland International Jetport, Portland Maine 4:45pm


Bridgton Academy will provide transportation FROM Portland, Maine (stops below) following major breaks (Thanksgiving, Winter Holiday, and March break).

Pick-up Amtrak/Concord Station, Portland Maine 5:00pm
Pick-up Portland International Jetport, Portland Maine (wait on sidewalk outside baggage claim area) 5:15pm
Arrive Bridgton Academy by 6:30pm


Students needing transportation on days or at times other than listed/provided, can use a local cab company. Portland Based Taxi/Limousine Companies:

  • Maine Limousine (207) 883-0222
  • American Taxi (207) 749-1600
  • Airport Cab (207) 899-5335
  • ABC Taxi (207) 772-8685
  • Lakes Region Explorer 800-244-0704


QUESTIONS? Contact: Tim Atwood, Dean of Students at [email protected] or Director of Campus Life, Kate Tucker at [email protected].