Academic Support Center

A Message from the Academic Support Center

Transitioning from high school to a postgraduate school can present many challenges, especially for students who are accustomed to receiving accommodations. The Academic Support Center is here to assist you as you navigate yourself through the world of postsecondary academic services. Families usually have three main questions regarding academic support at Bridgton Academy. Those questions and their brief answers are as follows:


Can I still get classroom accommodations at Bridgton Academy and, if so, how do I get them? 


With a copy of recent and complete testing (we recommend within the past three years, but it is required to be within the past five years) a Bridgton Academy student may have the opportunity to receive classroom accommodations. To pursue this option, a student must submit this testing to the Academic Support Center and set up a meeting to discuss appropriate accommodations based on the recommendations indicated in said testing. While IEP and 504 plans are very helpful in this process, they alone are not enough to make a student eligible for classroom accommodations at the post-secondary level. Furthermore, it is worth noting that often accommodations available in high school may not be offered or appropriate at the postsecondary level. 504 plans and IEPs do not follow a student past high school. Once a student has met with the Director of the Academic Support Center, he will receive letters of accommodation to give to his teachers. A student’s teachers will know nothing of his disability until the student discloses this information. Furthermore, teachers will do their best to honor these requested accommodations, but do have the right to alter or deny these requests if it is felt the request may compromise the integrity of an assignment or evaluation. This process will need to be repeated during the second semester, as students will have new classes with new teachers. Please note, modifications to the curriculum are not options once a student graduates from high school.


Will I still get accommodations on the SAT? To receive accommodations on the SAT, a student must have an SSD number. This number needs to be shared with the Director of the Academic Support Center so accommodations can be transferred to Bridgton Academy. The College Board categorizes Bridgton Academy as a high school, so a student’s date of graduation will need to be updated to May of 2020 to keep the approved accommodations available for another year. If a student has not applied for an SSD number through the College Board and wishes to do so, please inform the Academic Support Center as soon as possible as this process can take up to eight weeks. To complete this application, a student will need recent, complete testing with clear recommendations of accommodations. Accommodations for the ACT are also available, but will need to be applied for prior to each test administration through the Director of Academic Support. Supporting documentation is required.


What academic support is available at Bridgton Academy? 


All students are encouraged to visit the Academic Support Center for help with time management, exam preparation, organization, note-taking, reading comprehension, project planning, exam anxiety, etc. The Writing Center and Math Lab are available to all students during study hall to help with specific writing and math assignments. The Academic Support Center is highlighted by the Focused Academic Coaching program. This highly structured program is built into a participating student’s daily schedule, providing individual meetings with an academic coach in order to build academic skills, self-confidence, and accountability.


We are excited to meet you all in a few short weeks! Please know the team in the Academic Support Center will do all we can to help alleviate any academic struggles and support you throughout the year. The center is warm, welcoming, and always stocked with popcorn, coffee, and tea!


Please feel free to contact Marie Meserve, Director of Academic Support, with any questions regarding academic support or Focused Academic Coaching at Bridgton Academy at [email protected].