Student Profile: Timothy Rye

September 22, 2016

Timothy Rye

Hometown: Chelsea, United Kingdom

High School: Ontario Hockey Academy



Goals at Bridgton Academy:
To further myself as an athlete, an academic, a person and set myself up for future success.

Why did you choose to attend Bridgton Academy?
I chose to attend Bridgton Academy because it provides the most optimal environment for me to focus on my goals and aspiration. This is due to the incredibly overqualified staff and support network Bridgton Academy provides.

How is Bridgton different than your high school?
Bridgton Academy is different from my previous high school in many ways. For starters, it is an all-boys school, however the most notable difference is how easy it is to focus here and the total time you are able to invest into yourself, your education and your athletic endeavors. There is always work to be done and with very little distractions it makes that work increasingly simple, thus benefiting you every step of the way.

How is our coaching different from your high school experience?
At Bridgton Academy, I play hockey. Compared to my last experience, Bridgton’s coaching is absolutely phenomenal. The coaches know exactly how to push you to your limit and get the most out of you while at the same time are always there to help you, answer questions, and even put in extra work whenever you ask. Their constant availability, active feedback and investment into developing each an everyone one of their athletes is unparalleled and certainly trumps my previous experience without a doubt.

What thoughts would you want to share with guys considering Bridgton Academy?
To anyone considering Bridgton Academy, I would advise them to consider this school very seriously.  It is a great environment, filled with even better people and simply by choosing to attend Bridgton Academy, you would be one step closer to your goals than if you did not. I HIGHLY recommend Bridgton Academy.