Student Profile: Sam Majewski

March 24, 2017

Sam Majewski

Hometown: Brewster, MA


Goals while at Bridgton Academy:

My goals coming into Bridgton were to overall improve my grades and to bring up my GPA from high school. Also on the athletic end, I wanted to get faster, stronger and learn from what Coach Izaryk had to offer. And obviously in the long run, commit to a school to play college baseball.

Why did you choose Bridgton Academy?

I chose Bridgton because I wasn’t satisfied with the college offers that I received out of high school and I wanted another chance.

How is Bridgton Academy different than your high school?

Bridgton is much more engaged with its students than my high school was. Bridgton is a smaller school, but I get much more one on one time with teachers and it has helped me tremendously.

How is our coaching different from your high school experience?

Both my high school coaching staff and Bridgton’s coaching staff were very involved with their players and cared a lot about the game. The only difference I can think of is Coach Izaryk, Atwood, Bush, and Swim just know more about the game and can better teach what they know.