Student Profile: Jalen Martinez

September 15, 2016

Jalen Martinez

Hometown: Methuen, MA

High School: Attended Brooks School in North Andover, MA



Goals at Bridgton Academy
At Bridgton I would like not only to grow as a student but as a leader as well, and not only in the classroom but on the field as well.

Why did you choose Bridgton Academy? 
When I came to visit last March for a football tour and workout, I was very impressed by how open and caring the people on campus were. After hearing Mr. Webb speak about Bridgton I fell in love right away. It was the thought of becoming a grown man here and preparing myself for college the right way.

How is Bridgton Academy different than your high school?
The main difference would be my experience that I’m going to gain from coming here, because I’m going to be on my own away from my family which I’ve never done before.

How is our coaching different from your high school experience?
The coaches here are much more open and reliable. Due to living with most of them and being taught by them we learn to build close relationships with them – and they want us to succeed to our fullest potential.

What thoughts would you want to share with guys considering Bridgton Academy? 
It will be a difficult decision to come to school in Bridgton, Maine but know that after you are done with this year you’ll feel like a whole new person, because that’s the way I’m feeling and I’ve been here for only two weeks.