Student Profile: Gage Chenard

October 21, 2016

Gage Chenard

Hometown: Windham, ME

High School: Windham High


Goals at Bridgton Academy:
My goals at Bridgton Academy are to learn how to be a man, obtain a good GPA, learn how to study, and further my skills in hockey.

Why did you choose Bridgton Academy?
I chose Bridgton Academy because I wanted to be challenged on and off the ice.

How is Bridgton Academy different than your high school?
It was easy to get lost or left behind in high school. At Bridgton, the only way you will get lost is if you are trying to.

How is our coaching different from your high school experience?
The hockey program here is unbelievable. The coaches push you to be the very best that you can and are honest with you. This was different from my high school experience because I wasn’t pushed hard enough and as a result I lacked effort at times.

What thoughts would you want to share with guys considering Bridgton Academy?
If you want to push yourself and be the best man that you can possibly be, then consider the year that makes the difference.

Interesting fact(s) about yourself:
I enjoy fly fishing and going on hikes with my dog Bauer.