Welcome to Bridgton Academy

Thank you for coming this far!

Bridgton Academy offers free skiing to all Bridgton Academy students as part of our tuition package. We provide transportation to and from the mountain throughout the winter after classes and on weekends, and equipment rentals are included, if necessary.

Who are we? Bridgton Academy are a one-year, all boys postgraduate institution that prepares young men for the competitive rigors of college and beyond. We believe in young men and the power they have to change their lives. Our postgraduate program cultivates academic engagement, maturity, and character, and inspires students to become better men.

Here’s to a great winter!

**Our relationship with Shawnee Peak dates all the way back to 1936, when Bridgton Academy students helped the Civilian Conservation Corps cut the very first ski run on Pleasant Mountain. Our students helped create the Cohechee Trail, which you all know now as Jack Spratt.