Announcing Alumni Challenge Winners

Alumni support of Bridgton is imperative to allowing us to fulfill our mission. With the completion of our 2022 fundraising year in June, it was time to see how the dust settled in terms of our top participating classes. The Alumni Top Ten is an annual recognition of those classes with the most alumni who give back to Bridgton. The Top Ten is a fun way to celebrate participation, and also infuses a bit of competition for some of our top classes.
Continuing their ongoing reign as the top participating class and coming in first once again this year is the Class of 1965! In second place was the Class of 1967, and in third place was a newcomer to the standings – the Class of 1996.
Many thanks to all alumni who made a gift in support of Bridgton this year and our congratulations to our classes who came in at the top of the top.
1st: 1965
2nd: 1967
3rd: 1996
4th: 1970
5th: 1966
6th: 1969
7th: 1980
8th: 1958
9th: 1990