Andrew F. Staub ’04 Award Honors Two Bridgton Faculty This Year

For the past ten years, one member of Bridgton’s faculty and staff has been honored at Commencement with the Andrew F. Staub ’04 Faculty Professional Development Award. This award was created in 2010 to annually recognize a teacher at the Academy who “embodies the mission of Bridgton Academy, including, but not limited to, the mastering of his/her discipline, fostering and developing academic courage in his/her students, and a genuine concern for the well-being of the young men entrusted to his/her care.”

With the realization that faculty advisors and coaches encourage our young men in much the same way as teachers do during the academic year, the award was revised last year to allow for the opportunity for faculty who serve in those roles but don’t teach to also be nominated. This year, Bridgton is pleased to announce two recipients of the Andrew F. Staub ’04 Faculty Professional Development Award as voted upon by the Class of 2020 students.

Mr. David Rosen was selected as one of this year’s Staub Award winners.  Rosen recently completed his second year as a science teacher at Bridgton, providing instruction in classes such as Ecology of the Lake Region and Meteorology.  This past year, he was also instrumental in overseeing the Academy’s Outing Club activities.

Bridgton’s Director of College Counseling, Mrs. Jamie Izaryk, was chosen as the second winner of the Staub Award for her committed and caring work as an advisor.  She first began working at Bridgton in 2012 and was named to her current position in 2016.

Congratulations to both Mr. Rosen and Mrs. Izaryk on winning the Andrew F. Staub ’04 Faculty Professional Development Award!