Academy Announces 1808 Bright Futures Fall Recipients   

November 20, 2020

Bridgton Academy is pleased to award three faculty members with funding to pursue professional development opportunities this fall through the support of our 1808 Bright Futures endowment. This endowment, created in 2016, was inspired by a challenge gift put forward at that time by the Andrew ’99, Edward, and Nancy Barr family.

While this award is typically presented in the spring, the pandemic got in the way of most faculty member proposals. As such, a second round of funding was released this fall. Faculty members Beth Chagrasulis, Matthew Burgess ’88, and Amity Gottschalk were all selected as Bright Futures recipients.

Mrs. Chagrasulis will utilize her grant to renew two memberships to professional organizations for science teachers, with an eye for returning to the National Science Teacher conference this coming April.

Mr. Burgess ’88 will utilize his grant to become a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach. This certification will offer Matt further credentials for his teaching work in anatomy and exercise science, and provide immediate hands-on benefit for his role in coaching.

Ms. Gottschalk will receive funding to participate in Cornell University’s Diversity and Inclusion Program. This is a thirty-plus hour professional development program that will provide Amity with training that can then be shared with both students and staff of the Academy.

Congratulations to these deserving recipients!