Generations of Bridgton Academy alumni, parents and friends have helped to continue the mission and values which make Bridgton Academy a leader in the education of young men seeking a postgraduate year. One very important way you can help further strengthen our Academy to include BA in your planned giving designs.

Planned gifts may allow you to make a larger gift to Bridgton Academy than you thought possible, while enjoying some of these potential results:

  • Increased income
  • Reduced income taxes
  • Reduced or eliminated capital gains taxes
  • Reduced or eliminated estate taxes
  • In addition to taking full advantage of the personal benefits you can realize with planned giving, you also create a legacy for the future. Such legacy gifts ensure the Academy continues to fulfill its vital mission for generations to come.

The 1808 Society recognizes donors who have included Bridgton Academy in their planned giving. The Society enables donors to add planned gifts to the Bridgton endowment, either for unrestricted purposes or for projects designated by the donor. An unrestricted planned gift is simply applied to where the Academy needs it most, while restricted planned gifts can be dedicated to those areas or programs that interest you the most such as scholarships, academics, or athletic programs.

The 1808 Society was named in recognition of the founding year of Bridgton Academy. Members of the 1808 Society share a desire to leave a lasting impact with their estate plans through a bequest provision in their will, a life-income gift or another deferred giving arrangement. Typical planned gifts include gifts of IRAs, life insurance, real estate, gift annuities and trusts.

Membership in the 1808 Society is extended to you when you confirm in writing outright bequest provisions in your will, or other planned gifts. A bequest is the simplest deferred gift, and no funding is required at the time the gift is made. It is payable only out of your estate. A bequest also provides you the flexibility to alter the amount of the intended gift if circumstances change.

In addition to bequests, there are a host of other options that offer a variety of attractive tax and life income benefits. For more information please contact Jessica Priola, Alumni & Development Department Manager at 207-647-3322, ext.1219 or email

If you are interested in learning more about including Bridgton in your estate planning, please download and return our Planned Giving Form. If you have already included Bridgton in your will or another planned gift, please complete this form so we are aware of your membership in the 1808 Society.

The information on this site is not intended as legal, tax or investment advice. We encourage you to consult your attorney, tax professional or investment professional before making a planned gift.