“Create Opportunity.”

What does that mean? What are we trying to say? Simply put, “Create Opportunity” is twofold: YOU create your opportunity at Bridgton Academy, whatever your goal is. And WE create the opportunity for you via our 209-year-old Academy brimming with faculty, coaches, and staff who are devoted to you reaching your goals.

We’re an Opportunity Factory… we offer an opportunity for you to reach your goals, to earn the opportunity you want in order to succeed.

Whether it is creating a new academic future for yourself via our Focused Academic Coaching, shaving down your time in the 40 through our SQA and Strength and Conditioning Program, or putting in a year of work to achieve that dream school, this place is your Opportunity to reach for something more. You have to put in the work, but we’re here to help that Opportunity become a reality.

So what do you want to create? What’s your opportunity? Use the hashtag #CreateOpportunity and let us know. And fill out our inquiry form below to schedule a visit to campus.