Bridgton Academy’s Day of Giving

Celebrating 210 Years of Making the Difference!

Honor 210 years of making the difference today!

The difference and creating opportunities are more than concepts at Bridgton Academy. They are what drove some of Bridgton’s earliest settlers to raise the funds needed to create a designated learning space where their children could obtain a formal education, despite the obstacles of rural living. These endeavors resulted in an educational tradition of excellence that precedes even the great state of Maine itself—Bridgton Academy!

Thousands of students, several generations, and 210 years later, Bridgton Academy remains as relevant as it did in 1808, and perhaps even more necessary than ever. In fact, the U.S. Department of Education reports that just this year alone, approximately 2.2 million fewer men than women will enroll in college. On top of that, public colleges in 44 states indicate that over half a million enrolled students are ill-prepared for college-level work, resulting in more dollars spent in tuition to fulfill remedial coursework requirements that earn no credit toward a degree.

On this historic day, as we ask that you consider the tremendous impact Bridgton has had on so many students over the last two centuries and help us celebrate Bridgton Academy’s tradition of educational excellence by helping us reach our $25,000** Day of Giving goal.  We hope we can count on  your support!

**Did you know?

Three of Bridgton’s earliest settlers, Merchant Samuel Andrews (North Bridgton), Dr. Samuel Farnsworth (Bridgton Center), and Mr. Enoch Perley (South Bridgton) spearheaded the first-ever fundraising campaign in order to create Bridgton Academy.  Their combined contributions—$1,500—are roughly the equivalent of over $29,000 today.

In a nod to the efforts of these pioneers, and to pay tribute to the life-changing experience Bridgton has provided to 210 years worth of students, we are challenging alumni, family, and friends of Bridgton to help us raise $25,000 for the Bridgton Fund—an amount just shy of the original funds that started it all.  If these folks could do it amid difficult conditions in rural Maine in the early 1800s, we are hopeful that we can make it happen, too!


Honor 210 years of making the difference today!