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THANK YOU for Celebrating 210 Years of Making the Difference!

On March 8th, we proudly celebrated 210 years since the date of your Academy’s incorporation. To honor this momentous occasion, we challenged our alumni, families, and friends to continue the spirit of giving that created Bridgton Academy by helping us reach our $25,000 goal on our Day of Giving, also on March 8th.

While we fell short of our ambitious fundraising goal (please read below to learn how we came up with this figure!), we did manage to reach a different goal: achieving a record for most donors and gifts in a single day! When all was said and done, sixty of our alumni, families, and friends rose to the challenge to honor Bridgton and “pay it forward” to the young men who have chosen to take the path less traveled by attending Bridgton Academy, raising over $12,000 in the process!  All of these dollars provide a much-needed boost to our unrestricted Bridgton Fund, which has a direct impact on a student’s year here.


Thank you for helping to make all the difference!

In case you missed it …

Why $25,000?


It all started with $1,500—the initial funds pledged by three of our town’s earliest settlers who wanted a designated learning space where their children could obtain a formal education, despite the obstacles of rural living. Today, this figure equates to over $29,000! Our $25,000 goal is a round number in a nod to the spirit of philanthropy that first launched Bridgton Academy.  As we now know, this fundraising effort resulted in the creation of over two centuries-worth of educational excellence and thousands of proud Bridgton Academy alumni.


Please consider supporting BA’s Day of Giving today and sharing our campaign with your fellow alumni and parent peers on Facebook and Twitter.

Fundraising created Bridgton Academy 210 years ago. What will your gift to Bridgton create today?



**Did you know?

Three of Bridgton’s earliest settlers, Merchant Samuel Andrews (North Bridgton), Dr. Samuel Farnsworth (Bridgton Center), and Mr. Enoch Perley (South Bridgton) spearheaded the first-ever fundraising campaign in order to create Bridgton Academy.  Their combined contributions—$1,500—are roughly the equivalent of over $29,000 today.

Honor 210 years of making the difference today!