Class Representatives

Thank you for your willingness to serve as a Bridgton Academy Class Representative. We are excited to work with you as we all strive to keep our BA alumni connected – both with each other and the school.

Class Representative Description

Main Goals:

  1. Willingness to contact classmates – phone, email, letters
  2. Work with Alumni Office in drafting spring and summer letters for Homecoming promotion, as well as promotion of giving
  3. Outreach to classmates online and via social networks


  1. Obtain updated contact information (specifically email addresses) and news to share with BA
  2. Encourage participation in Homecoming
  3. Encourage giving participation – particularly for a class gift in honor of reunion years

Process and Timeline

Alumni & Parents’ Homecoming Weekend is scheduled for September 27-29. In the coming months, as we prepare for this weekend, it is our goal to have alumni representing each reunion year on campus – the more the better! As a class representative, you will be working with the Alumni Office to help rally your class for this wonderful event!

Mid – March Alumni Office supplies complete Class List
March/April Class reps begin contacting classmates via phone, email and social networking to notify about Homecoming and obtain updated contact info/news
April/May Alumni Office sends letter sent to all reunion years with invitation to Homecoming (Class Reps will be asked to help in drafting letter)
June/July Class Reps follow up on letters – begin confirming those who will be attending
July Alumni office sends additional Homecoming letter encouraging each class to give a gift to Bridgton in honor of their reunion year (Class Reps may help in drafting letter)
September Class Reps make any final contacts to confirm those who will attend Homecoming and share list of attendees with class via email (Alumni Office can assist with sending bulk email)
September 27-29 Alumni & Parents Homecoming Weekend at Bridgton Academy

Questions?? The Alumni Office is here to partner with you! We will contact you and check in prior to each item listed above. Thank you for your volunteer efforts on behalf of BA!