Transcripts are the complete and official record of a student’s academic activity at Bridgton Academy. Official transcripts are issued by the Registrar’s Office. ‘Official’ means that the transcript bears a raised Bridgton seal and the signature of the Registrar, Academic Dean, or Director of College Counseling. In addition, official transcripts are sent from the Registrar’s Office directly to the requested address to avoid any potential improprieties.

Transcripts may NOT be requested by phone. In order to protect students’ privacy rights, we must receive a signed request prior to releasing transcripts.

If you are looking to request credits from a CAP course taken while attending Bridgton Academy please refer to the instructions posted in the downloads section of the College Counseling homepage. We do not have transcripts for these classes.

Transcripts may be ordered by completing the Transcript Request Form to the right.

Contact information:

Mrs. Debra Dutton, Registrar
Bridgton Academy
P.O. Box 292
North Bridgton, ME 04057
Telephone: 207-647-3322 x1236
Fax: 207-512-5928