Bridgton Academy Health Center

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Bridgton Academy employs a full-time RN on campus to meet the medical needs for our students during school hours. The athletic trainer and the school nurse coordinate all health care for the students, including setting up doctor appointments and filling prescriptions.

Bridgton Academy has an agreement with North Bridgton Family Practice located just down the hill from the campus when further medical attention is needed.

Students are allowed to keep medications in their room (prescription and non-prescription meds).

Prescription needs:
• Students must supply the Health Office with an insurance prescription card (through Magnus if possible) Co-payments for prescriptions are typically taken from a students SRE account unless he would prefer to use cash or a personal credit card.
• A prescription from your physician is also required for any existing medication you may need filled. These can be faxed to Hannford Pharmacy in Bridgton, mailed to the Health Center, given to the student to deliver to the Health Center or kept on file in the Health Center if the prescribing physician is willing to write prescriptions for more than one month.

Controlled substance prescription refills:
Prescriptions need to be presented, in person, to the pharmacy in paper form. This can be accomplished in a number of ways but one easier way that can alleviate issues is to set up an appointment with the MD we utilize, Dr. Jennifer Smith, who will follow the student’s medication needs throughout the school year. This will encourage and teach responsibility for medication management in preparation for college next year. The Health Center will store and dispense medication, but encourages students to become independent in preparing for next year.

Online Health Registration:
We provide online health registration through our health information software called Magnus. Prior to August 1st, you will receive an email from Magnus which will provide you with a username and password. Please log in and follow all instructions for completing ALL necessary health forms.

• All students are required to have, and maintain, health insurance coverage during their year at Bridgton Academy.
• A physical examination needs to have been completed within ONE YEAR prior to entering Bridgton Academy. The form must be signed by a M.D., D.O., PA, or nurse practitioner. There are blank forms provided in Magnus. These can be filled out by your doctor OR you are free to use whatever standard form is used by your doctor.
• Magnus will have link for completing online impact testing. This is a concussion test that is mandatory for all athletes and must be completed before the student is able to practice with their team.

In order to participate in school activities and athletics it is mandatory that heath registration via Magnus is completed PRIOR to Registration Day which includes proof of health insurance and a physical within the last 12 months as well as concussion impact testing.

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