Meet Amanda Miller, LCSW

Mental health service is available 24/7. All students have unlimited access to our experienced mental health therapist with no fees, co-pays, or deductibles. 

By building trust with the school counselor, and engaging in a course of effective treatment, our young men learn to respond to life challenges in a more adaptive manner.  The School Counselor encourages the collaboration of family and other members of the student’s support team whenever desired by the student and the support team will always be involved with safety plans.

Services of the School Counselor:

Preventative Mental Health Care to All Students, Starting with Orientation. Promoting awareness of expected stressors vs. when additional support is needed.

Provides Mental Health Treatment for: Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Bereavement, Divorce, Family and Relational Conflicts, Homesickness, Anger Management, Sleep Disturbance, Autism Spectrum, Stress related to Academic and/or Athletic Challenges, Support for ADD/ADHD and other Learning Disorders.

Provides Substance Use Treatment Including Tobacco Cessation Curriculum

Substance Use Prevention: Educates All Students About Substance Use Risks, Risk Reduction Strategies, etc.

Organizes Campus Wide Wellness Initiatives: Self Care (Sleep Hygiene, Hydration, etc.), Stress Management Techniques, Study Breaks, Mind-Body Awareness Activities.

New for 2016-2017:

*Blog for parents and students, to prepare for the challenging transition of leaving home,  and to provide support for students to work through the variety of mental health challenges they will confront throughout the post-graduate year, in college, and beyond.

*Weekly Tobacco Cessation Group for students during a lunch block

*Mini trainings about race, cultural, and other important issues to each athletic team and Outing/Wolverine Clubs.


The School Counselor is an Ally to Students of Color, Students of All Cultural & Class Backgrounds, and to students of all Sexual  Orientations and Gender Identities. Her primary goal is “To help all students feel safe, welcome, and supported during their ‘Year That Makes The Difference’”.