Date Venue Opponent Time Location Result
11/11/16 HOME Lennoxville (CAN) 6:00PM Memorial Gym 90-54 W
11/12/16 HOME CMCC 2:00PM Memorial Gym 67-58 W
11/15/16 Away Navy Prep 4:30PM Newport, RI 56-52 L
11/18/16 Away National Prep Showcase (CT) Notre Dame Prep TBA New Haven, CT 87-38 L
11/19/16 Away National Prep Showcase (CT) Mt. Zion Prep TBA New Haven, CT 95-67 L
11/29/16 Away CMCC 6:00PM Auburn, ME 77-76 L
12/2/16 Away Hoop Mountain Showcase: Worcester Academy TBA Barrington, RI 78-77 W
12/3/16 Away Hoop Mountain Showcase: South Kent TBA Barrington, RI 86-66 L
12/6/16 HOME Lee Academy 6:00PM Memorial Gym 72-68 L
12/9/16 HOME New Hampton 6:00PM Memorial Gym 72-68 L
12/11/16 HOME St. Andrews 1:00PM Memorial Gym 87-85 W
12/16/16 Away Holiday Tournament – Proctor 3:00PM Barrington, RI 85-53 L
12/17/16 Away Holiday Tournament – Brooks School 3:00PM Barrington, RI  71-51 L
1/13/17 Away Pride’s Corner (CT)- St. Thomas More 6:00PM Oakdale, CT  80-73 L
1/14/17 Away Pride’s Corner (CT)-Knox School 1:00PM or 3:00PM Oakdale, CT 102-52 L
1/16/17 HOME Holderness 4:30PM Memorial Gym 66-54 W
1/18/17 HOME Gould Academy 6:00PM Memorial Gym  77-66 W
1/20/17 HOME Coaches vs Cancer Winter Classic

Navy Prep

8:00PM Memorial Gym 61-53 W
1/21/17 HOME Coaches vs Cancer Winter Classic

St. Thomas More

3:00PM Memorial Gym 78-70 W
1/25/17 Away Brewster Academy 6:00PM Wolfboro, NH 91-50 L
1/28/17 Away Redemption Christian at the NPSI 9:00PM Providence, RI 82-71 L
1/29/17 Away Commonwealth at the NPSI 4:30PM Providence, RI 94-64 L
2/1/17 Away New Hampton 6:00PM New Hampton, NH 97-60 L
2/2/17 HOME Hyde School 6:00PM Memorial Gym 91-71 W
2/4/17 Away KUA 2:00PM Meriden, NH 54-51 L
2/8/17 Away Gould Academy 6:00PM Bethel, ME 86-83 W
2/11/17 HOME KUA 2:00PM Memorial Gym 67-49 W
2/12/17 Away South Kent 1:00PM South Kent, CT Postponed
2/14/17 HOME St. Thomas More 4:30PM Memorial Gym 76-69 L
2/16/17 Away Lee Academy 6:00PM Lee, ME 89-43 L
2/18/17 Away NMH 1:30PM Gill, MA 88-45 L
2/22/17 HOME Brewster Academy 5:00PM Memorial Gym 71-53 L
2/25/17 HOME NMH 2:00PM Memorial Gym