Tuition, Room & Board

Boarding Student Tuition:

(includes TUITION, ROOM, AND BOARD): $49,500*.
This includes iPad, eBooks, and all required program fees. See OPTIONAL PROGRAM FEES below for programs NOT covered in tuition.

Day Student Tuition:

$29,000* – This includes iPad, ebooks, and all required program fees. See OPTIONAL PROGRAM FEES below for programs NOT covered in tuition.

Application Fee:

$50* – Payable with the student’s formal application; non-refundable; not credited toward the tuition fee.

Enrollment Deposit:

$3,000* – When a student is accepted at Bridgton Academy, parents will be asked to confirm the acceptance by sending in a signed enrollment agreement and forwarding a $3,000 deposit. This deposit is non-refundable and will be credited to the tuition bill. Bridgton Academy awards need-based financial aid for qualified applicants.

Deposit for School-Related Expenses (S.R.E. Account):

$1,500* – This deposit is payable before the school year begins. It is a deposit for optional program fees as well as a damage deposit.

The unused portion of this deposit, if any, will be refunded at the end of the school year. Any charges in excess of the starting deposit must be covered in advance by additional deposits to the student’s S.R.E. account.

Optional Program Fees

Focused Academic Coaching (FAC):

$5,500* – This fee applies only to students enrolled in the FAC program.

SAT Preparation Course:

$400* – This fee applies only to those students who choose to enroll in the SAT prep course and is payable before the course begins. This optional course is offered during the first semester only.

CAP course registration fees:

Students enrolled in a College Articulation Program (CAP) course must pay a fee to the college or university granting credit for the course. Fees are set by the colleges and may vary to reflect the credit hours available.

Refund Policy:

The Academy has many expenses of a continuing nature such as faculty salaries and plant maintenance. In order to plan for and maintain services over the entire school year, it is essential that the annual income from fees be assured. For this reason, it is understood that students are enrolled for the entire school year and that no reduction or remission of the fee for tuition, room, and board or other charges can be allowed for absence, withdrawal, or dismissal.

*Fees are subject to change at the discretion of Bridgton Academy.

Financial Aid

At Bridgton Academy, we are committed to helping families provide this opportunity to students from all socio-economic backgrounds. To fulfill this goal, we comply with the financial aid policy of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), which is to provide financial aid to the extent possible based on a family’s need, not on academic, athletic, or extracurricular performance.

Bridgton Academy Grants

Bridgton Academy grants are financial aid awards from the school which do not require repayment. On average, approximately sixty percent (60%) of Bridgton Academy’s students receive a need-based financial grant. Financial aid at Bridgton Academy is based on a family’s demonstrated need, not upon the candidate’s academic, athletic, or extracurricular merit. To determine the most equitable estimate of money a family has available to contribute towards education costs, Bridgton Academy relies on a financial need analysis as determined by either TADS, the College Scholarship Service (CSS), or the School and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS). This figure serves as the basis for determining financial need.

Financial Aid Application Process

To be considered for financial aid, parents must complete and submit one of the following forms to its processor as soon as possible.

Click here to apply at

Click here to apply at

2. College Scholarship Service PROFILE form.
The PROFILE form is available online only at The College Board Website. It must be completed and submitted electronically to the College Scholarship Service. Bridgton Academy’s code number for the PROFILE form is 3269.

3.Parents Financial Statement (PFS)
The PFS is available online at the NAIS website. It must be completed and submitted to the School and Student Service for Financial Aid. Bridgton Academy’s code number is 1840.

Although we do not have a deadline for applying for aid, the amount of aid we have is limited. If you will need financial aid, complete one of the financial aid forms as soon as possible; do not wait for an admission decision before applying for financial aid. When an applicant has been accepted for admission to Bridgton Academy, and his financial information has been received from any of the above agencies, the Financial Aid Committee determines if the family qualifies for aid and, if so, the amount of aid awarded by the school. Notification of a financial aid decision is made in a letter sent to the applicant.

If you have any questions regarding financial aid, please contact Chris Webb, Chief Enrollment and Advancement Officer, by phone at 207-647-3322 x1212 or by e-mail at


To assist families in managing the costs, Bridgton Academy subscribes to a loan program offered to parents by:

Sallie Mae

Sallie Mae’s K–12 Family Education Loan can help you send your child to a private primary or secondary school. Borrow the money you need – up to 100% of the school-certified cost of your child’s education. Visit for the most up-to-date pricing information.

Click here for more information about Sallie Mae

Your Tuition Solution

Since 2004, Your Tuition Solution has helped thousands of families reach their educational goals — including connecting families to flexible payment plans to pay for K-12 private school.

Payment Plans

Bridgton Academy offers a choice of three payment plans:

PLAN A – Payment in full due on or before August 1, 2016.
PLAN B – Three (3) payments required. (1) 50% of total charges due on or before August 1, 2016. (2) 25% of original total charges due on or before October 1, 2016. (3) Full balance of outstanding original total charges due on or before December 1, 2016.
Plan B Note: If enrollment is confirmed after August 1st, the $3,000 enrollment deposit and first of three payments (50% of total remaining charges) are due immediately.
PLAN C – Equal monthly payments commencing on or before May 1, 2016 and concluding no later than December 1, 2016.
Plan C Note: If enrollment is confirmed after May 1st, the $3,000 enrollment deposit and first monthly payment are due immediately.

Any questions regarding financial aid at Bridgton Academy should be directed to Chris Webb, Chief Enrollment and Advancement Officer, at 207-647-3322 x1212 or