From Headmaster Grady Vigneaugradycropped

WELCOME TO BRIDGTON ACADEMY. The fact you are here proves that you care about your future success. That’s what the young men who come to Bridgton Academy show us each year: commitment to improving in the classroom, in athletics, and as individuals.

Our mission statement says it all: We provide a program for young men in a unique, one-year postgraduate environment to prepare for the rigors of college and beyond.

Sharing that spirit with our mission statement is my vision for the school: We build self-respect, create opportunity and empower leadership by fostering trusting, enduring and transformational relationships with our students.

When you do visit campus, please take the time to stop by my office to say hello and to ask me any questions you may have about our great school. Thank you for your consideration.

Headmaster Vigneau’s Ten Rules of Success

  1. Show Up… On Time
  2. Embrace Civility, Be A Gentleman
  3. Respect Yourself
  4. Respect Others and Their Property
  5. Earn Respect, Do Not Demand It
  6. Shake Hands Like You Mean It
  7. Look Me In The Eye So I Know I Can Trust You
  8. Listen Respectfully, Disagree Politely, Support Courageously, and Always Think Before You Speak
  9. Gentlemen, Dress for Success…. Every day is an interview
  10. Go To Breakfast